My name is Michaela, I'm a fully qualified teacher and I spent most of my career working as a teacher of Spanish and French in an outstanding Harrogate school. In addition to this I have been giving private classes to various people of all ages.

I haven't always had a love for languages, in fact, it wasn't until I chose to take an hour of Spanish each week, as part of my Travel and Tourism qualification, that I discovered a wonderful teacher who taught lessons that captured my interest. From then on I had a new passion.

This encouraged me to become a teacher on a mission... to make language learning fun, and therefore motivating and enjoyable!

As many people will be well aware, working in a school involves much more than being in the classroom and teaching the pupils. As it is the teaching that I love, not the endless paperwork and meetings, I decided that it was time to realise my dream... to teach people my way, the fun way, and to make languages accessible and enjoyable for everyone, not just the natural linguists.

 That's when Laugh Learn Love Languages was born!

Since then, I am pleased to say, I now have a small team of like minded teachers and we work together to make languages fun for everyone!

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laugh learn love languages has gained  'recommended by parents' recognition from kallikids.

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  classes that cater for everyone:

  • TEENY LINGUISTS: Fun French and Spanish classes for babies and young children.

  • CHILDREN'S CLASSES: Engaging extracurricular classes for children of primary school age.

  • HOLIDAY COURSES: Group classes for adults... all you need to converse on holiday.

  • PRIVATE TUITION: Tailor made French and Spanish classes for children and adults. Each designed to be enjoyable and created according to the individual's wants and needs. 

Regardless of age, ability or chosen class, we recognise that enjoyment is the essential ingredient

when it comes to learning a language. Therefore, we put fun at the forefront whilst at the same time ensuring quality and purposeful teaching.