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Conversation club

12 week Holiday Spanish or French courses

Not convenient for you? We also provide Teeny Linguists classes in your home. Why not make it a play date and get some friends and their children to join you?

Prices start from £25 for private sessions depending on location and group size.

Fun French and Spanish classes for babies and little ones.

Fun classes for young primary school children.

Teeny Linguists also offers classes to local nurseries and primary schools. Please enquire if you are a nursery/primary school representative or a parent who would like to suggest your child’s setting.

These classes are full of music, games, engaging resources and fun craft activities. Individual children, siblings and/or friends get to enjoy time together whilst learning Spanish or French. In some settings the parents enjoy taking part too! Before you know it you'll all be eager to show off your skills on holiday!

When and where: In own home... very convenient!

Price: From £25 depending on location and group size. 

​​​These classes are full of music, laughter and engaging sensory aids. Come join in the fun as we sing and play our way through language learning. Before you know it your little one will be happily singing the words we’ve learnt as they play at home and you’ll be bursting with pride at your little linguist.

When and where: Fridays 10am (Spanish) / 10.45am (French)

                              @ The Bingley Youth Café, based under Bingley Pool, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 2LF

Price: £4 per session in blocks of 6 weeks. £5 Pay as you go (where applicable). Sibling discounts apply. 

Do you speak French or Spanish but worry about getting rusty? Do you feel like you know the grammar and vocab quite well but don't get the chance to really practise your French or Spanish? Come and join us for conversation, good company and a glass of wine!

When and where:
French - Saltaire- Please enquire for more details.                        Price: £7.95



Tailor made private tuition for children and adults.

Teeny Linguists Stage 2 

For those of you who would like to learn enough to get by on holiday, why not try our 12 week holiday course? We host these in various locations, including the workplace and in venues on an evening. If you would like us to come to your workplace to provide a free taster, please get in touch. Otherwise, please enquire about our current and u coming locations. 

When and where: Please enquire.                Price: Varies upon location (typically £6.50 to £8 per session paid in full at the first session)



Teeny Linguists

Whether it’s for you, your child or all the family we can provide classes that you will enjoy and look forward to!

Our private learners include:

* Young children who have shown an interest in learning French or Spanish and are eager to get started.

* Children that have started at school but love languages so much that they want to learn more!

* Primary and high school children that are struggling and need a little help to gain confidence and find the fun languages again.

* GCSE and A Level students that need support to get back on track or they want to push themselves to beat their target grade!
* Adults that often say ‘they wished they’d tried at school’ and have decided that now is the time to pick up a language in a much more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

* Adults with holiday homes, retiring to France/Spain or simply wishing to get by on holiday.

EVERYBODY wanting to learn French or Spanish and have FUN doing so!

When and where: With us or in your own home (classes in your home may be subject to a small fee depending on distance).

Individuals:                                 £28 per session.

Couples and Groups:                 Prices vary. Please enquire.