K, Mum of Amy (7)

Hi Michaela, I just thought you might like to know that you are "the best teacher ever" according to Amy!

Amy (7)

I love what you teach me. You are the best teacher.

Naomi, mum of Marcus (12)

He really seems to enjoy it. He comes home with a massive smile on his face and is always happy to go to classes so it was clearly a good decision.

Gabriella (8)

Michaela is a really fun teacher to have. I started when I was 7. Michaela gives you homework, not too easy and not too hard. I had Michaela as a Spanish teacher and was so upset when she had to leave to have her baby and moved further away. I wish she was still my teacher.

Ruth, mum or Gabriella (8)

We were looking for a Spanish class for our daughter and Michaela was recommended to us. Her friendly professionalism was clear from the start and our daughter loved her classes instantly. Within any time at all our daughter was counting, singing and communicating in Spanish!!! Michaela's clear direction, enthusiasm and ability to captivate a young mind ensured that Gabriella's time with her produced results we could only have dreamed of.

Thank you Michaela, teacher extraordinaire x x x

Claire, aunt of Ruby (18 months)

I've been taking my niece to Spanish classes with Michaela, and also have private adult sessions with her too. What's lovely about the Teeny Linguists classes is how she incorporates Spanish with games and learning activities, so it's varied, interactive and fun. Michaela is really friendly and approachable and interacts with the kids on their level to get them involved. It's clear that she really loves what she does and always goes over and above. The big benefit for Ruby has been the social aspect with huge amounts of learning whilst having fun!

Rana, mum of Maya (3 1/2)

The Teeny Linguists sessions with Michaela don't feel like a language lesson, they're more about learning through play, and the interactive experience. She uses props really well to engage the children, and there's a different theme each week with resources to take home to help you refresh what they have learnt. Michaela is so lovely, it feels like I've known her forever! Maya has really taken to her too, and gets so excited when it's time for a session. It's been amazing to see how well she remembers the words, and we both have a wonderful time.

Helen, mum of a William (2) and Ada (1)

We have one to one French sessions with Michaela and it’s great to be able to do a class that both my children can enjoy together. Michaela is very good; we can ask her to cover specific subjects such as beaches and restaurants if we’re going on holiday, so she designs it more around you. She integrates French into familiar songs alongside the English which helps them to identify the words. She uses a lot of music and different things such as props and bubbles to keep the children interested, a little bit of everything really! Each week there is a key word, for example ‘aeroplane’, which will then crop up the whole way through the session. In between sessions she gives you items to take away such as colours or shapes to help you with words between sessions. I think it’s brilliant that the children are learning a second language and I'm learning at the same time as well!